Pool of ink from DTG machine draining into hole with the words "Like a Laser Printer- For Fabric!" overlaid

The Direct-to-Garment or DTG printing method is our speciality. Our state of the art machine prints full color, highly detailed artwork at 100% fidelity. Whether it's 1 piece or 1000, our machine executes each design flawlessly and our technicians are on hand throughout the process ensuring each print is exactly how you want it.

With Direct-to-Garment Printing you're not locked into a single design or placement. Our machine prints digitally, meaning that we can easily change words, icons, and colorways betweens prints giving you the exact effect you're looking for. Order complexity will be reflected in quote price.

While most DTG printing shops can only print on a small range of cotton based fabrics, we've spent years perfecting the DTG printing process on nearly any fabric- including 100% polyester!

We print with eco-friendly, water-based inks that are not only safe for your family wash after wash, but sink into fabric beautifully creating a long-lasting, soft print. 

DTG Printing gives you the most flexibility for your order. No minimums, no color limits, no artwork limits. Our artists will look over your artwork and edit as needed to ensure you get the best quality print possible.

Contact us for your fast and free quote today. The process is simple!

  1. Send us your desired shirt quantity, color, and sizes, as well as the artwork you'd like printed

  2. We'll give it a look, and send you a quote based on your order specifications as well as mockups of the final print

  3. If what we send you sounds and looks good, then we'll send you an invoice for the order

  4. As soon as you pay, we'll get to printing! Production time differs based on the order size and current production backup.

  5. If there's a specific date you need your order by we'll definitely make sure you have the items in your hands by then. Check out our pages on Same Day Local Service and Rush Order Domestic Service for more details

Whenever you're ready just contact us at support@matohash.com or 877 267 7010 and we'll get that sorted out for you. 

Or visit our online listings for customizable shirts and upload your full color design there.

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