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Screen printing is a time honored technique of applying ink to fabric, and at Mato & Hash we utilize it hundreds of times a day.

Screen printing involves pushing ink through a screen that's had your design burned into it. It gives you your boldest, sharpest print, and works best for designs with thick letters, lines, or blocks of color. 

Contact us today for your free and fast screen printing quote! The process goes like this:

  1. You call or email us with your order details like quantity, colors, sizes, your artwork and your desired product. For t-shirts we recommend using our in-house brand of super soft 60/40 tees, but are also able to order in budget options and other garment styles.

  2. We will give you a quote for the order as well as proofs of your final product same day. 

  3. If approved we will then send over an invoice. As soon as your invoice is paid in full we get to work!

Our initial quote will include an estimation of how long it will take before your job is completed. If there's a specific date your order is needed by, not within one week of placing your order, we will make sure it is to you by then. We offer local pickup, domestic free shipping, and free local delivery same day for locations within 20 miles of our Southeast Michigan office.

At Mato & Hash we take pride in getting you exactly what you need. Our printing technicians are experienced in mixing ink colors match exactly with your established brand or desired look. We always do test prints before running your order to ensure that the final products are as vibrant and solid as they possibly can be.

We use plastisol inks (essentially liquid plastic) which give the print a solid look and feel while still being flexible on the garment. It's incredibly durable and will last on your garment for years to come, distressing over time with the natural creases of the fabric. 

The screen necessary for screen printing is reflected in the quote price, with each additional color, design variation, or size necessitating another screen therefore increasing your initial setup cost. This means that screen printing works excellently for large runs of a single design. The larger your order quantity, the more that initial setup cost can be disbursed between your individual items, giving you greater value.

Because of the setup involved in screen printing, it tends to take longer to get to production than DTG printing. Once a screen is burned the design is final, so we spend more time ensuring the design is perfected before executing. We are also bound by the actual time it takes to complete each garment, meaning that larger order quantities will take longer to complete.

As always, we are happy to work with you to get an order out by the time you need it, but please be considerate of these parameters when placing an order. 

Whenever you're ready for a quote just reach out to us via email ( or phone (800) 921-0332. If you're looking for custom one color screen printed bags check out our online listings to place your order on our website.

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