For those in the Royal Oak area we offer our entire range of services, including same-day t-shirt printing and rush order service. We also offer free standard shipping.

Royal Oak is a suburb of Metro Detroit located along Woodward Avenue. The city features many attractions including hip restaurants, salons, a farmer's market, and a large portion of the Detroit Zoo. It's also a major hot spot for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.

The city received its name from European-American surveyors in the early 19th century. While in the area they encountered an oak tree with a large trunk and huge branches — the most magnificent of all other oak trees in the forest. This tree reminded them of the story of King Charles II, who in 1660 took shelter from enemy forces in the limbs of a massive oak tree. The surveyors named the tree "Royal Oak", and settlers went on to use this in reference to the surrounding area. This magnificent tree would no doubt still be standing were it not for the subsequent urbanization of the land.

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