For those in the Livonia area we offer our entire range of services, including same-day t-shirt printing and rush order service. We also offer free standard shipping.

Livonia is a classic large city suburb with blocks of traditional family housing, primarily built in the height of white flight in the 1950s and 60s, crisscrossed by freeways and small business plazas servicing local residents. The township itself was founded in 1835 by European settlers who named the area after a town in New York from which many of them had originated. 

The founding of the town is celebrated each year in June with a celebration known as "Spree": a fair with rides, food, games, and contests. The celebration began in 1970 with a newly elected mayor who had a vision to unify the satellite subdivisions making up Livonia Township into one cohesively identified city. What brings people together more than fried foods and flashing lights!

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