Mato & Hash Embroidery Service

Emroidery thread closeup with the words "An Extra Special Touch" overlaid

While a DTG or screen printed accent looks great, embroidered details create a luxurious effect. Embroidery is tidy and sturdy, lasting on garments for years with proper care. The thread gives dimension and shine to words and images, instantly elevating the appearance of any garment or accessory. It is a great choice for hats, business polos or shirts, or for personalizing accessories.

Embroidery is the process of using a needle to loop thread around a garment, creating a design. The position of each thread is carefully set in our embroidery software and communicated to the machine, which pulls the threads through tightly to make a solid design.

At Mato & Hash we use a state of the art embroidery machine capable of changing thread color and direction at any time,enabling us to handle even the most complex of designs with ease.

Before getting to work on your embroidery design, we will first have to have it digitized by a third party. The complexity of your embroidery design will be reflected in the digitizing costs in your quote. Size also plays a large factor, as stitch count impacts our digitizing and production costs.  A larger area of embroidery will be more expensive than a smaller area of similar complexity.

If you're interested in our embroidery services don't hesitate to contact us at 877-267-7010 or

Our quotes are always free and provided same day!

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