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The birthplace of defining music genres such as Motown and Techno, Detroit is a sprawling landscape mixed with century old residences, low laying shopping districts, historic architecture, and an ever-developing downtown metropolis. What's now known as Detroit began as Fort Detroit, founded by French settlers in 1701. The territory and the surrounding metro area remains unceded by indigenous inhabitants.

In 1959, two years after discovering the highly successful "The Miracles", Berry Gordy purchased a 2 story flat on the west side of Detroit and officially began his record producing company. "Hitsville U.S.A", or Motown Records, went on to produce innumerable mega sensations such as Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson, and Marvin Gaye. With such a rich musical history it's no surprise that techno also originated in the Motor City. In the 1980s local musician Juan Atkins began producing records both as a duo with contemporary Richard Davis and as a solo producer using innovative synth riffs, samples, and sound effects. These records went on to become the basis for modern techno and are still frequently sampled by artists across genres. Hitsville U.S.A is now a museum dedicated to Motown. If you find yourself in the city of Detroit, pay homage by checking the museum out and don't forget to hit some clubs where techno is still spun by local DJs into the morning hours.

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