For those in the Ann Arbor area we offer our entire range of services, including same-day t-shirt printing and rush order service. We also offer free standard shipping.

Home of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a charming metropolis of shops, eateries, and an expanding crop of high rise apartments. The area was originally the location of two prominent Potawatomi villages.

On the North East side of the city you'll find an arrangement of massive stone carrots. These carrots stand 10 feet tall and are rooted in the grounds of the Food Gatherers' warehouse. Food Gatherers is a food bank and food rescue organization who collect perfectly fine food waste from retailers and wholesalers that would throw it away and direct it to low income families. They also provide a community kitchen. Food Gatherers works with local farmers on their mission to provide fresh produce to those in need. Both the organization and their stone monuments are just another reason the city of Ann Arbor is such a sought after destination in the mitten state.

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