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Mato & Hash Hoodies - Unisex, Mens, Womens, Graphic, Custom GraphicFall is fast approaching, with less than two months until labor day. From shirts with pockets to shirts with capes, “good vibes” clothing, and cool colors - we will explain this season’s styles for men, women, and kids while pointing out products we offer that will keep you on trend as the leaves begin to fall.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has played a role in fashion over the last couple years, and even as things seemingly calm down with that, some of these pandemic ideas have left an impression and are here to stay, at least for a few months.

The foremost of these trends is work-from-home. Many places are opting for a non office-based work model while some are going the route of a few days at the office, a few days at home. Naturally, you need to have some casual, respectable, comfortable clothes to successfully work from home while not wearing pajamas.

Opt for our Joggers and Crew Neck Sweatshirt for a classy yet comfortable look. If you work at a more laid-back place, our unisex Hoodies are an outstanding option. Give our Long Sleeve T-Shirt a try for those days where you need full-cover but less thickness – playing pickup football or raking leaves, for example. You can always throw your hoodie on afterward.

Mato & Hash Crew Neck Sweatshirts - Unisex, Mens, Womens, Kids

One of our newest products, the Crew Neck Sweatshirt is versatile and classic. Hoodies were all the rage for years and are still very cool, but in recent years the hoodless sweatshirt has made a comeback. You can wear this to a fancy dinner or while lounging around in the basement watching college football on Saturday afternoon.

In a Navy Blue Crew Neck Sweatshirt with a nice pair of pants, you can't go wrong.

Your choice of 11 colors from across the spectrum really lets you customize your look to fit the beautiful fall colors outside. Show up to the bonfire in Poppy or Heather Mustard and everyone will be asking where you got your great sweatshirt.Mato & Hash Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Unisex, Mens, Womens, KidsAlso one of our newest products, the Long Sleeve T-Shirt is the lightweight cousin of the Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Deep, earthy colors dominate our Long Sleeve landscape, making it an attractive choice for a great fall look.

Perfect for wearing underneath our unisex Hoodies, the Long Sleeve T-Shirt also has numerous uses. Wear it as a pajama top or wear it to school, work or family gatherings as an upscale casual look. It can also be great for fall/winter exercise when paired with our Joggers.  Mato & Hash Fall Trends 2021 - Custom Graphic T Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Joggers, Drawstring Bags & MoreA few dominant themes emerge in this years fall trends: lively colors are one of the major trends, as well as cutouts, bulky outerwear, indigo, layered t-shirts, "fleece" pants, sugar pink, and shiny apparel are all on their way in as the days get shorter and the temps cool off.

"Good vibes" t-shirts are in this season, according to GQ. We have you covered with plenty of tees, hoodies and more that will give off the positive vibrations. Look at our Best Buck'n Dad design, Dangle + Snipe = Celly or Tailgate & Chill.Mato & Hash Best Buck'n Dad Ever Mens T Shirts - Unisex, Mens, Womens, KidsCapes on kids apparel makes an appearance for Fall 2021. Only time will tell if this catches on, so in the meantime check out our Cape Drawstring Bag!

Other kids trends this year are athleisure, gender neutral and folk style. Browse our kids section for all three.

On its way out is the exposed ankle look for men, and most of us are saying thank you.Mato & Hash Nature Hoodies - Unisex, Mens, Womens, Kids, Graphic, Custom GraphicOur joggers are perfect for the cool weather. Wear them to workout, to go to a chilly outdoor sporting event, for working & activities in the yard or just to lounge in. Pair it with our unisex Hoodie for the classic fall comfort look.

GQ lists "Polar Fleece Pants" - called joggers here - as one of their trends to watch out for this year. Joggers are great because you can pair them with anything we carry for an easy, comfortable outfit.

Try with our Wanderlust Hoodie, Mountains + Tree Line T-Shirt , Crew Neck Sweatshirt or Long Sleeve T- Shirt. You could even pair it with a Custom Bowling or Referee Shirt - the options are endless on our site.Mato & Hash Joggers - Unisex, Mens, Womens, KidsYou can't forget the little ones. Keep them warm with our selection of Baby Hats and one-piece Rompers. Pictured below is the romper, offered in many styles to keep your baby cozy and stylish this fall.

Our Baby Hats come in a few different styles: standard beanie, with a top knot, and with a bow. These hats are available in many colors and also customizable. Help your baby retain their body heat this fall/winter in an adorable, comfortable cotton baby hat.

Make sure to also check out our Baby Shower Drawstring Bags if you are expecting a little one. They make a great gift for the parents or a wonderful keepsake for when baby grows to be a kid and adult.Mato & Hash Baby Bear Baby RompersFor kids and adults, trendy colors and bright colors are the only true common theme this season. Pantone's 2021 Colors of The Year are "Bright Yellow" and "Ultimate Gray."

Men should pay special attention to the "good vibes" tees, polar fleece pants, doing away with bare ankles, and use of pinstripes if they would like to keep pace with the fashionistas this fall. You can create your own designs here.

Women are going to be all about cutouts, layers and ski fashion. Also prominent among the major fashion houses at their Fashion Week shows are indigo, sugar pink, extreme shine, and lots of logos.

Give Mato & Hash a call this fall or visit us here at the website and we will get you looking great without spending a fortune.

Check the Mato & Hash Blog often for new posts with apparel information, design tips, trends and more. If you have an idea you'd like to see us explore - let us know - we may consider writing about it.

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